last update: November 2010

Why is this site called Actually it's very simple.
"5" is in Japanese "go" and "6" can be read as "ro".
So 5+6 = Goro. And that is my Name. ^^

I was born in Japan and moved with my family to Germany when I was two and a half years old. I have been fascinated by drawing ever since I was a little child.

After finishing highschool I founded a company called "Quaintix" with a friend of mine and did some graphic design and programming work. Meanwhile I got interested in 3D animation and started to play around with cubes and spheres. ^^

In 2002 I left Quaintix and I started my studies at the German Film School for digital production. My passion for animation grew stronger and drawing remained as a hobby. During the 3 years I spent there, I gained a lot of experience in many areas like the whole 2D and 3D filmmaking process from the initial Idea to the finished piece, working in teams, digital painting etc.
I graduated the German Film School in march 2005 specialized on 3D character animation.

Since then I was working as a freelance character animator and visual
development artist on feature films and tv comercials in Germany. I'm currently working as a Visual Development Artist at PDI/DreamWorks in
Redwood City.

Goro Fujita CV and Shotbreakdown PDF 150KB :: download

  3D Software Level 2D Software Level Languages Level  
  Maya Photoshop German  
  Softimage XSI Painter Japanese  
  Lightwave After Effects English  
  3D Studio Max Shake Spanish  
  Bodypaint Combustion French  
  ZBrush Premiere Korean learning slowly...