Where do the visitors come from?


Nov 30 - 2010


I updated my Demo Reel. Check it out here.


Aug 22 - 2010


I created an official Facebook Page for my Art. Be sure to check it out here.


Aug 02 - 2010


I updated the Gallery with a few new pieces. Also the Descendants movie I worked on received over
180000 views on vimeo. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback

Also I am part of an art book called Moonshine coming out this month. It is a book featuring personal artwork
by DreamWorks Visual Development Artists. We will have a gallery show with original pieces from August 14th - September 6th
at the Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra LA. I'm planning to be there for the closing reception/book signing.
Hope to see you guys there!


Mar 04 - 2010


Check out my animations section. The short film Descendants is finally online. Main characters are voiced by
Whoopi Goldberg and Christy Scott Cashman. Check it out!


Dec 06 - 2009


I changed my Gallery system. Now everything is simpler and a lot less of mouse clicking. Hope you like it.
I also started a new blog with my co-workers at PDI/DreamWorks called Travisty's Beard. Check it out!


Nov 18 - 2009


I uploaded some of the work I've done for 'Merry Madagascar' at PDI/DreamWorks
It was aired yesterday on NBC at 8pm.
It was a great pleasure to work with production designer James Wilson.


Oct 13 - 2009


I recently participated with two colleagues from work and my brother in the secret agent challenge
over at CGtalk. Here comes the great news: We won the challenge with our entry 'Agent Omicron'!!! We are all
super excited about it. You can see our entry in the animations section of my website.


Aug 12 - 2009


Major website update. All movies are on vimeo now and can be directly streamed on my website!


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