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Sep 18 - 2008


Big News! I was hired by PDI/DreamWorks. It's an amazing place to work and I'm pretty much settled
in the Bay Area having a great time!


May 9 - 2008


Just uploaded a bunch of new pics in the Gallery section.


Nov 29 - 2007


My Strange Behavior Challenge entry at CGSociety "CU-02 in Love" was awarded with the CG Choice Award.
Click on the trophy to see the "CU-02 in Love" thread.


Sep 19 - 2007


I started my new Job at PICTORION MAGMA this month. It's an animation studio based in Hamburg/Germany. I'm doing Character Animation for an upcoming feature film. It's a great team and a cute project. A Trailer will be available soon...


June 8 - 2007


I was interviewed by the IT'S ART MAGAZINE issue 10. Get your free copy of the magazine here
Or choose the Hi-Res version for 4$ including multi media content.


May 24 - 2007


Ben from TDT3D who is hosting some my animations made it possible to stream my movies in flash format. The tutorials will be available as sreaming video soon. Thnx Ben!
Uploaded a couple of new pictures in the Speedpainting and Sketchbook section of my Gallery.
Added a new artist in the links section. Min is a kick ass artist. I used to battle with him at the Daily Sketchgroup of CGSociety. Check out his amazing work!


Mar 20 - 2007


My Painting "Hidden Nature" was awarded with the CG Choice Award.
Click on the trophy to see the "Hidden Nature" thread on CGSociety.

Some new artists in the links section. Daniel Stern TD and a great guy, Athur de Pins lovely character illustrations and flash animations a must see, Mathias "M@" Verhasselt portfolio of my fellow artist M@ an awesome artist, BLUTSBRUEDER company website of my buddy Franz Steiner. He is a great guy and has an incredible sense for aesthetics, Guilherme Jacinto he is one of the best animators I know, go check out his Demo Reel.


Dec 10 - 2006


Updated my Tutorials section.
Uploaded some new paintings in my Gallery.


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