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September 28 - 2005


Added a new Link in the Links section. Wolf Reimers, fellow artist from the German Film School.
A new album "3D Stills" is added in my Gallery. I also uploaded a couple of new Speedpaintings.


September 24 - 2005


Added new Links in the Links section. Ken Taya and Bobby Chiu.
There are also some new paintings in the speedpaints album and the news section is now devided into pages. Thnx Johannes for the coding!


September 17 - 2005


Links section updated.
Also a little update in the animation section. I just finished a Jump animation test. Rightclick on the image below and "save target as..." or check out my animation section to see the animation. I hope to be able to do some more animations this month.


September 12 - 2005


Stephan visited me in my Hometown today and we went subway sketching. The weather was not so good but we had quiet some fun.
I just added a new album "photography" in my gallery. I bought the NIKON D70 this summer and I'm really suprised about the quality of digital photographs thesedays. Check it out!


September 10 - 2005


I was working the last couple of days on my website. The old one was too complicated to update. This one will be much easier. So what's new? Almost everything I guess ^^. I now have the coppermine php gallery running. Viewing the paintings and sketches is more comfortable to the visitor now. The tutorials are finally available. I went for a simple design that is easy to navigate. Still have to do some minor updates but this is basicly it. Hope you like it! ^^V


September 01- 2005


I recently started subway sketching. The idea came from the amazing artist Bobby Chiu. You ride the subway up and down sketching the people inside. This is a very good practice to understand the human form. I do this every week now. My hand already hurts because of all the sketching ^^;
I uploaded some of my subwaysketches in my Gallery under "Sketchbook". More to come...


August 18 - 2005


The CGSociety challenge prize has arrived today! 59 Gnomon analog training DVD's!!! That's totally crazy...each one has more than two hours of duration....how can I watch them all? Anyways I'm more than happy to recieve this prize and will try to learn as much as possible watching the DVD's. ^^V


August 05- 2005


The animated short "BBQ BEAST" is finally finished. You can watch the short in my animation area. Now I'll need a break. Didn't sleep much in the last few days. (_ _ )zZZ


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