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August 02 - 2005


Well somehow I got back to the German Film School and now I'm helping out my friends on their thesis short called "BBQ BEAST". There is not much time left and we'll have to hurry. o_0


July 27 - 2005


The winners of the CGSociety "Master and Servant" challenge were announced today. My challenge entry "The Hunt" made it to the 3rd place. Yey! I'm very glad about it. Thnx to everyone who supported me during the challenge! Here is the link to the winners thread. Master & Servant Winners


July 05 - 2005


I just uploaded a new painting in my Gallery. It's my CGtalk Master and Servant Challenge entry.
The title is "The Hunt" Check it out!


June 04 - 2005


My animated short "Interview with Carl Hawkins" got the first place at this years animago award in Stuttgart in the category education/animation/virtual characters.


June 02 - 2005


It's been a while...I'm in Japan right now traveling around a bit. I will also travel to Korea next week. Fotos will be available in my Gallery soon. A couple of new paintings can be found in the Gallery. I also finished the master and Servant Challenge Entry "The Hunt". I will put it in the Gallery soon.


April 15 - 2005


I'm currently woring on a painting for the CGtalk Challenge "Master and Servant". It's my first attempt on a very high detailed painting. I'm wondering how it'll turn out. Check out my therad. I also updated the links page.


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