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Oct 27 - 2006


Just uploaded new paintings in the speedpaints section and one new painting in the finished work section of the gallery.
I updated the Link section and added my fellow Artists Simon Christen a kick ass animator and a nice guy, and Holger Schoenberger, a great compositor and lighting & shading artist, who wrote the software Royal Render, I'm currently working together with him on a short film project. He is a great guy and incredibly talented!


Aug 03 - 2006


Benot Saint-Moulin from TDT3D did an interview with me. You can read it here.


Jun 14 - 2006


The World Cup has started and it's really hot here in Germany. I managed to do a little update on my demo reel. You can check it out in my 'DEMOREEL' section. CV is updated as well.


May 29 - 2006


Finally I've found a little apartment for the time I'll work here in Ludwigsburg.
I updated the Link section and added my fellow Artist Christian Frahm (who gave me a place to sleep the last few weeks thnx!)


May 13 - 2006


I'm in Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg since two weeks now. I started working with my fellow Artist Heiko to work on our short film "Descendants". There is a whole lot of work to do before we can start animating but we are working hard and fast ^^. Last week I was at the FMX Animation and VFX conference in Stuttgart. It was a really great conference with very interesting presentations.
I updated the Link section and added my fellow Animator Lucas Wendler. He is a great animator and a supercool guy!


April 17 - 2006


Last Month I worked as an animator at a German animation company called Spans & Partner. I did Character Animation for TV commercials and a couple of concept arts. I'll move to Ludwigsburg at the end of this month to work on a short film project. More information will be available soon. I added some new paintings in the Speedpaints gallery. No new paintings if you're reading my blog. ^^


February 05 - 2006


I just finished a new animation. It's a weight lifting test. Rightclick on the image below and "save target as..." or check out my animation section to see the animation.

Link section is updated.
Benot Saint-Moulin, Freelance artist who also hosts some animations of mine, thnx again Ben
Wasssup, One of my favourite digital illustrators. His website is working again yees! ^^v
Manu Arenas, alias Yacin, an amazing Production designer


January 17 - 2006


Big News! The last two days I was busy getting my online store running. Some people asked me if I would sell prints of my work. Now I do ^^V The store has apparel, housewares, hats and bags, buttons, posters and prints. Click on the new menu point "STORE" or on the image below to get to "STORE 56".


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