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January 09 - 2006


So here goes another year! I think the next few weeks will be quiet interesting. There are a bunch of new paintings in my gallery. Link site is updated. Manuel Macha and Thomas Bittner. Both fellow artists from the German Film School.


December 14 - 2005


The Animated Short "The Orkbabies" which I created with 5 other students at the German Film School made the first place at the 8th Sichuan TV Festival in the category "Best Animated Short Film (3D)" and was awarded with the "International Golden Panda".


November 04 - 2005


I was at the Hamburg Animation Award 2005 yesterday. My short Film "Interview with Carl Hawkins" was nominated as one of the 10 best short films out of 60 submissions. The event took place in a Movie Theater in Hamburg. I had a great time.


October 28 - 2005


I just recieved an alternative music version of my short film "Roger The Cat" from The German Film School. Now there won't be any copyright problems when the short is presented on festivals or on TV. Yey!
Link site is updated. Karsten Mehnert and Jens-Ole Bukowsky. Both fellow artists from the German Film School.


October 17 - 2005


Big news! Benot Saint-Moulin offered me to host my demoreel and some of my animation shorts on his CG community site www.td3d.be. Thank you very much Ben!

I recently added new menu point "BLOG". Have fun reading ^^v.
The Blog will be about my observations, thoughts and impressions I want to share.


October 14 - 2005


OK, the Demo Reel section is finally done and my new Reel is available for download. A detailed Shotbreakdown is provided. Also updated my CV. Click here to go directly to the Demoreel Section.
Every clip on my page is now in Quicktime "mov" format. So if you can't see the clips you'll have to get the quicktime player.


October 07 - 2005


I wrote a Making Of Article about my "The Hunt" Painting for CGSOCIETY.
Click here or on the image below to read the article.

I uploaded two new sketchbookpages in my Gallery.


September 28 - 2005


Added a new Link in the Links section. Hans Juergen Sodeikat, fellow artist from the German Film School.
I realized today that my traffic is growing and growing...I had over 50GB traffic in only 3 days...so I had to put down my animations section temporarily. I managed to upload some of the short films using the free up and download system rapidshare.de. It's a bit uncomfortable to download the files, but I think it is better than not having them available at all. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but 3 or 4 3D community sites put the short "BBQ Beast" on their frontpage without informing me about it. My traffic is limited so I just had to do something.
I'm working on my new demoreel thesedays. It'll be available for download soon.


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